"Reflections on Making Audio Burrito Posts"

Jan 30, 2024 - 10:17amSummary: The speaker is reflecting on their experience with making audio burrito posts, noting that it often requires multiple attempts to get into the correct mindset—similar to drafting written posts. They're grappling with the challenge of monologuing without a clear understanding of the audience, as they are aware that at least John and CJ will hear it, but uncertainty about the wider audience affects their ability to communicate effectively. This creates a 'contextual membrane shakiness' as the speaker finds the lack of audience boundaries difficult to navigate, which they recognize may vary among different people. The speaker concludes by deciding to end the current note and start a new one.

Transcript: Okay. Noticing a few things with the burrito practice. A lot of stuff coming up here. First, creating a zone for making burrito posts. Specifically, I'm thinking about audio and what I want to express via a voice note. I'm noticing it takes me a couple takes to get into a mindset. So, like, this is the equivalent of, like, draft posting, I think. But also, there is an unfamiliarity to the process of monologuing. I do have some concept that it is going to go into a shared context wherein John, CJ at the very least are going to see it. Like, not knowing the outer bounds of that context means that it's harder for me to model what I wish to be saying. So, there is a contextual membrane shakiness around that. That's obviously going to be different between people. So, this is just a sort of structural thing. I'll cut it there and then make another note.

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